Wall Fans Price List in India 2018

The summer is just around the corner and you just need a fan to make sure that your room is comfortable. And suddenly you have a problem. You just can’t have a ceiling fan because the structure of the ceiling doesn’t allow it. So, what can you do? It’s time to relax because there is a great alternative – a wall fan. And the best thing wall fan price in India in very low. You can easily get one between 800 and 3,300.

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How to choose the best Wall Fans in India

As you can imagine, there are many different manufacturers. However, not all wall fans are the same. So, in order to you to know how to choose the best wall fans in India, you need to make sure that you consider the following features:

Different speeds:

This feature is very important since it allows you to control the temperature of the room. In case you want the room fresher quickly, you can put it on high speed. However, when you’re just trying to maintain the good temperature you already achieved in the room, you can put it on medium or even low speed.

Remote Control:

Some wall fans come with a control remote that allow you to easily control the speed, timer, breeze, and oscillation. It’s a lot more comfortable just using a remote control that having to get up anytime you want to change something.

Adjustable upward and downward tilt mechanism:

Most wall fans have this feature but it’s important to mention it.


The speed of the wall fan will tend to vary between about 1300 RPM and 2300 RPM. You should consider a wall fan with a high RPM when the room where you want to put it is large. In case it’s a small room, you can get a smaller RPM.

How to find Wall Fans with lowest price in India

Wall fan price in India can vary a lot. The price isn’t only different between the different manufacturers (as it’s a normal thing to happen), as it also varies according to the place where you buy it.

So, where to buy cheap wall fan online in India is a question that is probably on your mind. As you already know, wall fans price in India isn’t always good. So, in order to find the best wall fan in India at an affordable price, you should check out Amazon. They have there a lot of different manufacturers and you can be sure that you’ll find a high-quality wall fan at a very reasonable price.

Top 10 best and popular Wall Fan brands/Manufacturers in India

  1. Havells
  2. Usha
  3. Orient
  4. Crompton
  5. Sonya
  6. Bajaj
  7. Almonard
  8. Orbit
  9. Polycab
  10. Vguard

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