Usha Ceiling Fans Price List in India 2018

If you talk about quality and affordability, Usha Ceiling Fans are a top brand. They are offering unique and interactive designs of fans with and without regulators. The price of each model differs because of the motor, blades, design and RPM. Here we will discuss Usha Ceiling Fan price and their features.

Usha Ceiling Fans models with price


Usha Ceiling Fans without Regulators

The prices of some of the best ceiling fans models without regulators offered by Usha are:

Usha New Trump

The price of these fans starts from ₹ 1,599* only. These fans have a high RPM rate and the blades are fitted at an angle that throws high air. These fans perform better even at low voltages. The blades are beautifully decorated to give the best feel to your place. This fan is also available in Brown color to meet the color combination of your interior.

Usha Ergo 1200mm

If you want a bit of class in your fan without the problem of regulators, Usha Ergo is for you. This is a powerful decorative fan with a unique and beautiful design. This fan is a bit expensive and the price starts from ₹ 2,219* only. There are wide tip blades which ensure high air delivery. These fans have three blades and use about 55 watts which make them energy efficient as well.

Usha Technix 1200mm

Usha Technix is another nice ceiling fan of the company. These fans have a simple design yet they are very powerful and low power consuming. These fans consume just 50 watts energy. The price of these fans starts from ₹ 1,755* only. There is a large motor which ensures higher air thrust. There are three exciting colors which you can choose from i.e. Brown, White, and Off-white.

Usha Ceiling Fans with Regulators

These fans have a higher price because they have the regulator facility.

Usha Spin 1200mm

Usha Spin 1200mm fan is a nice simple ceiling fan. It has a simple design and it is ideal for offices and people who like simplicity. The price of this model is ₹ 1,399* only. It is made with high-quality steel ensuring long life. It is only available in white color.

Usha Spirit 1200mm

Usha Spirit is ideal for increased air delivery. This fan has a high RPM rate yet it consumes 74 watts at an average. The price of this model is ₹ 1,299* only. This fan also performs better at low voltages. The regulator makes it easier to control the speed of the fan.

These are some of the best models of Usha Ceiling fans. Price, quality, durability, speed, RPM, and designs, all make this brand a reasonable one.

Latest Usha Ceiling Fan price

Fan Models Regulator Price
Usha New Trump No ₹ 1,599*
Usha Ergo 1200mm No ₹ 2,219*
Usha Technix 1200mm No ₹ 1,755*
Usha Spin 1200mm Yes ₹ 1,399*
Usha Spirit 1200mm Yes ₹ 1,299*

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