Superfan Ceiling Fans Price List in India 2018

Are you looking for superfan ceiling fan price? Whether you are buying a fan for the first time or replacing an existing one, Superfan ceiling fans are the best choice. They provide an extensive range of ceiling fans. The basic purpose of the fans is to push the air around. They are great for cooling and heating purposes.

Ceiling fans are produced in plethora of styles and finishes. Most of the fans have adjustable speeds and reverse airflow function. Some of the fans comes with remote control and some with LED under light. There are some fans that are high speed fans that provide best air circulation in the room.

Superfan Ceiling Fans models with price


Superfan offers a wide range of ceiling fans that are available with a remote control. There are 3 series in remote control ceiling fans, they are as follows:

Super A1

Super A1 with remote control features wide leaves that provides high air delivery at low speeds. It is ideal for areas where quietness is appreciated. The sweep area of the fan is 1200mm. With the help of the remote control, you can control the speed and light of the fan. The remote has 9 keys out of which 6 are for controlling the speed of the fan. 2 keys are for fine control of the speed while a pattern key for reproducing natural breeze. Along with this, you can turn on and turn off the fan with the remote.

Super X1

Another ceiling fan that comes with a remote is Super X1. It has the ability to circulate air efficiently as it operates at an express speeds. As a result of this, it gives strong breezes of air. Therefore, it makes it a ceiling fan with super high speed. The remote control of the fan consists of 6 keys to manage the amount of air.

Super V1

Super V1 is great ceiling fan that circulate the air efficiently. As a result of this the air circulated to every corner of the room. The fan features a remote that can has 6 keys to control the speed. The sweep area of this fan is 1400mm. This ceiling fan operates well even when there is fluctuation in voltage.

Why Superfan is Right Choice?

Are you thinking why you should choose fans by Superfan? Here are some of the reason for you to select Superfan. Superfan saves power and money as the fans can run for 29 hours without comprising the airflow. These fans save more than 50% on savings and lowers the energy bill. Another great feature of the Superfan is that it comes with a remote that saves up space on the switchboard. They can run at high speed even when there is low voltage. Most of the fans comes with 1 or 2 years of warranty but these fans comes with a 5-year warranty.

Thus, Superfan is the best choice when it comes to practicability and classy look. They are easy and simple to install and maintain. Superfan ceiling fans prices are economical.

Superfan Ceiling Fan Price

Fan Models Price
Super A1 ‎₹ 3,960*
Super  X1 ‎₹ 3,570*
Super V1 ‎₹ 3,780*

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