Polar Ceiling Fans Price List in India 2018

You will find a number of brands promoting their ceiling fans the most cost-effective and durable ones. However, if you are looking for the best ones, Polar Ceiling Fans is the name you should trust. They have a wide variety of ceiling fans in different styles, sizes, and designs. Continue reading to know about the Polar Ceiling Fan price and more information.

Polar Ceiling Fans models with price


Designer and Decorative Polar Ceiling Fans price

Due to their distinct design and style, the ceiling fans from Polar can go with any décor or theme you have selected for your home or office. Let’s have a look at some of the best ceiling fans and their price when it comes to style and designing.

Polar 75 W Megamite Deco Ceiling Fan

Available in different colors i.e. white, brown, and off-white, the Polar Megamite Deco Ceiling Fan has a unique design on its blades that make it visually appealing and adds to the value of the room it’s fit in. The off-white colored megamite deco ceiling fan costs 5,000* INR whereas the price of brown and white colored megamite deco ceiling fan from Polar is 1,399* INR.

Polar 75 W Megamite Base Ceiling Fan

If you are looking for ceiling fans with designing on its base, Polar 75 W Megamite Base Ceiling Fan you should opt for. The price of Polar 75 W Megamite Base Ceiling Fan in brown color is 5,000* INR and off-white color is 1,201* INR.

Small Polar Ceiling Fans Price

If you have a smaller room and looking for small ceiling fans to fit in, you can get the best ones at the most affordable prices from Polar.

Polar 75 W Ceiling Fan

It is the most compact fan yet one of the most effective fans from the Polar. The 24 inches fan size with the sweep of 600mm and RPM of 850 comes in very handy if you have a limited space. It costs 1,599* INR. It is available in two colors (brown and white) and comes with the warranty of two years.

High-Speed Polar Ceiling Fans Price

Polar offer its customers a huge range of high-speed and durable ceiling fans. The high on quality fans are rust resistant and have a double bearing. They can provide high air delivery at low voltage, hence they are considered to be the most cost-efficient ones. Let’s have a look at high-speed Polar ceiling fans price.

Polar Megamite

The price of Polar (1200mm) Megamite Electric Ceiling Fan in soft cream color is 1,125* INR.

Polar Payton

You can get the Polar (1200mm) Payton Electric Ceiling Fan in white color for 1,330* INR.

Polar Pavilion

The ivory colored Polar (1200mm) Pavilion Electric Ceiling Fan you can buy for 1,468* INR.

Buy the best ceiling fans from Polar and enjoy their benefits for a lifetime.

Latest Polar Ceiling Fan Price

Fan Models Price*
Polar 75 W Megamite Deco off-white 5,000* INR
Polar 75 W Megamite Deco brown and white 1,399* INR
Polar 75 W Megamite Base brown 5,000* INR
Polar 75 W Megamite Base off-white 1,201* INR
Polar 75 W 600mm brown and white 1,599* INR
Polar Megamite 1200mm soft cream 1,125* INR
Polar Payton 1200mm white 1,330* INR
Polar Pavilion 1200mm ivory 1,468* INR


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