Orient Ceiling Fans Price List in India 2018

Orient ceiling fans are offering different models of ceiling fans in exciting and attractive designs, colors and performance level. They are manufacturing one of the best ceiling fans currently in the market today. Orient Ceiling fan price differ from model to model. There are different models available in unique designs and different price ranges. Some of them are:

Orient Ceiling Fans models with price


Orient Aeroquiet

Orient Aeroquiet is a beautiful fan with a futuristic design. This high-speed fan is very powerful yet it is very silent. It is best for a nice night’s sleep. The price of this model starts from ₹ 4,489*. This fan has 18 pole motor which ensures longer life and durability. The blades are rust free and made of high-grade glass. This fan can be run on 240 volts only.

Orient Electric Wendy

If you want to add a bit of life to your room, this fan can be your best partner. These fans have the best color combination which can add the element of life and excitement in your room. The price of these fans starts from ₹ 2,335* only. These fans are an ideal fit for high air delivery and good RPM. The design of these fans is also very attractive.

Orient Areta

Orient Areta is a decorative fan. The three layer canopy design of these fans is very pleasing to the eyes. The price of these fans starts from ₹ 2,450* only. The rotation rate of this model is also very high and thanks to the wider blades, this fan is ideal for high air delivery. The powerful motor of this fan ensures a longer life.

Orient Electric Orina

If you want unique decorative design and color combination for your room, Orient Electric Orina fans are the perfect fit. These fans have a distinguished and innovative design which makes them a bit costly than other models. The price of these fans starts from ₹ 2,600* only. These fans provide high air delivery without causing any disturbing noise because of the silent motor. The chocolate brown color can look graceful with the interior of your room or the drawing room.

Orient Quasar Ornamental

For a sleek, small and beautiful design, Orient offers Quasar Ornamental fans. The number of blades of these fans is 4. This fan is ideal for high air thrust and delivery. The price of these fans is ₹ 2,070* which is because of the powerful motor and the RPM rate. This fan can be the perfect fit for living room or drawing rooms. This fan is also available in Silver & Blue color.

These are some of the best models of Orient Ceiling Fans. Price & quality both are suitable for the customers.

Orient Ceiling Fan price

Fan Models Price
Orient Aeroquiet ₹ 4,489*
Orient Electric Wendy ₹ 2,335*
Orient Areta ₹ 2,450*
Orient Electric Orina ₹ 2,600*
Orient Quasar Ornamental ₹ 2,070*

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