Luminous Ceiling Fans Price List in India 2018

Are you thinking of buying a luminous ceiling fan? Do you need to know its price? If you are searching for the best ceiling fan, we are here to help you. A ceiling fan is one of the most important and must-have appliances, especially for summers. Ceiling fans even after centuries, stay simple but are pleasant supplements to home cooling.

Why is ceiling fan still popular? These fans make the room comfortable by forcing the warm air downward in winters. While in summers, it stirs up the breezes. They are great for lowering energy bills as well.  Here are some of the best luminous ceiling fans with price and their features.

Luminous Ceiling Fans models with price


Luminous Ceiling Fan Price

Fan Models Price
Luminous Dhoom ₹ 1,427*
Luminous Lumaire ₹ 4,899*
Luminous Platina ₹ 3,530*

Luminous Dhoom

Luminous Dhoom is ceiling fan that is produced using the top-quality raw materials. The blades and motor body are made from the best quality of aluminum. This makes the fan durable and sturdy. It is a 3 Blade ceiling fan that features a rugged motor that provides high air delivery.

Moreover, the sweep area of this ceiling fan is around 1200 mm. What makes this fan special? It works efficiently and is offered at a reasonable price. Another reason is that it is easy to maintain and simple to install. The price of a luminous high-speed ceiling fan is ₹ 1,427*.

Luminous Lumaire Under light Ceiling Fan

This luminous ceiling fan is a combination of latest innovation and practicability. This is the new addition in the luminous designer and decorative ceiling fans. It comes with a 10 watt under light LED under the motor fan. Along with this, it features a remote and remote holder. The 3 blade ceiling fan has sweep area of 1200mm. It will fit just right in with all type of décor. It works effectively in low voltage and provides great air delivery. The installation accessories of the fan are provided with a 1-year warranty. The price of the luminous ceiling fan with remote is ₹ 4,899*.

Luminous Platina

Another great fan by the luminous is 5 blade Platina ceiling fan. The ceiling fan is designed to circulate air more efficiently and effectively. This ceiling fan offers optimum performance at low voltages. The fan provides a wide conical spread of breeze in all the corners of the room. The luminous Platina is one of the decorative models that is best for living rooms. The price of the ceiling fan with different blade counts is ₹ 3,530*.

Why Choose Luminous Ceiling Fans

Luminous offers the best ceiling fans that deliver the best performance for your office and home. They are best due to the fact that they work well even under low voltage conditions. Along with this, it saves your money on energy bills and maximizes the air circulation. All the fans by Luminous come with powerful motor, attractive designs, and high-speed aerodynamic blades.

Therefore, luminous ceiling fans are the best choice because they give cool and fresh air in every corner of the room. Not only this, they add life to your home and office. The luminous ceiling fan price varies from reasonable to expensive.

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