Khaitan Ceiling Fans Price List in India 2018

The major factors that one look for ceiling fans are the price followed by the quality and its design. You can get a blend of all the qualities from the ceiling fans from Khaitan. Not only they add to the décor of the room they are fit in but also come easy on the budget. Let’s have a look different Khaitan Ceiling Fan Price.

Khaitan Ceiling Fans Models with Price


Khaitan Smart Air 1200mm 68-Watt Ceiling Fan

The 68-watt powered Khaitan Smart Air 1200mm ceiling fan is the ideal to be fit in any room of your home or office. It is available in brown color and can go with any décor or theme. Apart from its looks, the best feature of this fan is its market competitive price. You can get this fan for 1,500* INR. It comes with 1-year warranty.

Khaitan Zolta 1200mm 68-Watt Ceiling Fan

Another quality fan from Khaitan is the Zolta 1200mm that is 68-watt powered. The price of this most durable and high on quality ceiling fan is 1,299* INR. Khaitan is offering a one-year warranty for this fan for the satisfaction of their valued customers. Apart from its durability and affordable rates, another quality that makes it the preferred choice of the customers is the high speed.

Khaitan Newtec/Astro 5 Star 76-Watt 48-inch Ceiling Fan (Multicolor)

Khaitan Newtec/Astro 5 star ceiling fan is known to product high-speed air due to 350 RPM speed and 1200mm sweep. It is operated at 76-watt power. The very appealing to look at the fan is perfect to be fit in any room of your house or office due to its design and color. The size of the fan is 48 inch that allows a wide-spread through of high-speed air. Furthermore, it comes with a warranty of a year for the satisfaction of customers. The price of this fan from Khaitan is 2,685* INR.

Khaitan Magnate 900mm 65-Watt Ceiling Fan

If you are looking for a high-speed fan while keeping your budget in check Khaitan Magnate 900mm 65-Watt Ceiling Fan is the ideal one for you. It comes with 1-year warranty. You can get this high-speed and durable fan at amazingly low rate 1,500* INR. It operates on 65-watt power that makes it energy efficient and the low price makes this fan the most cost-efficient one. The fan is available in the ivory color that makes it more pleasing to look at.

All the specifications and Khaitan Ceiling Fan Price vary from model to model. However, all the ceiling fans from Khaitan are high on quality and can last a longer period of time due to the efficient and state-of-the-art technology used to develop them.

Latest Khaitan Ceiling Fan Price

Fan Models Price*
Khaitan Smart Air 1200mm 68-Watt 1,500* INR
Khaitan Zolta 1200mm 68-Watt 1,299* INR
Khaitan Newtec/Astro 5 Star 76-Watt 48-inch 2,685* INR
Khaitan Magnate 900mm 65-Watt 1,500* INR

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