Best Designer Ceiling Fans Models With Price 2018

When you are decorating your home either because you just moved in or because you’re just tired of the way it looks now, you need to think about each and every piece that will go into each room. And you know how important it is to have a good cooling system in India. So, one of the best options you have is getting a ceiling fan. However, you don’t want a ceiling fan that only works well. You also want one with a great design and that actually looks good. So, you need to look for the best designer ceiling fans. Here are two of the best options:

  1. Havells Nicola Ceiling Fan (Gold Mist and Copper)


    The Havells Nicola is a ceiling fan that features a contemporary and elegant design that you can be sure that will match your new decoration. Available in different colors, this is definitely a plus when you’re considering a fan not only by the air it is able to deliver as well as by its look.

    The Havells Nicola features a metallic paint finish that gives it a unique touch to your ceiling combined with a great power. This ceiling fan includes 3 strong aluminum blades with 48 inches and a robust motor that delivers uniform air circulation. With 68 watts of power, the motor is able to perform extremely well and it is even able to deliver a good airflow even when used at a lower voltage.

    This ceiling fan also includes some decorative trims on both the blades and motor covers.

  2. Havells Festiva Decorative Ceiling Fan (Pearl Ivory)


    The Havells Festiva is another great option when you’re looking for the best designer ceiling fans. Available in pearl ivory, this ceiling fan has a great design and good finishing paint details that include a decorative ring on the motor. One thing is for sure – the classic color will definitely fit your room decoration.

    It has 3 blades that are made of aluminum to make sure that the ceiling fan doesn’t only have performance as it will last longer. Featuring a double ball bearing and a powerful motor, you can be sure that your room will be fresh no matter its size. Plus, it continues to work pretty well even at low voltages.

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