Best Ceiling Fans with Light Models With Price 2018

When you’re looking for a good ceiling fan, you want to make sure that it does provide a good airflow and that, at the same time, it matches your room decoration. Two of the best ceiling fans with light that you currently have on the market are:

  1. Crompton Uranus 1200mm 72-Watt Ceiling Fan (Ivory)


    As a prestigious brand, Crompton is usually able to deliver a good quality product at a great price. And this model is no exception.

    The Crompton Uranus ceiling fan is very beautiful and it features an amazing gold finish design. This ceiling fan will not only be able to help you keep your room fresher during the spring and summer months as well as it will also be able to provide you with light. And this is because, besides the fan in itself, it also includes 3 lampshades. A good detail is that you can easily remove the lampshades and completely change your room decoration.

    It features 4 blades with 1200 mm in size, and they are able to provide you with a 320RMP. So, you can expect the perfect airflow in the room where you’re placing it.

    Now, you can already welcome summer and host a party at your home. You’ll be surprised to see how many people will notice not only that the ceiling fan is beautiful as it is able to provide a good amount of fresh air. And all of this with just 72 watts, which you’ll hardly notice on your energy bill.

  2. Usha Fontana Maple 1250mm Ceiling Fan (Antique Brass)


    The Usha fan is also a great option when you’re looking to buy one of the best ceiling fans with light.

    This ceiling fan is just perfect for a large living room. It includes 5 wide tip blades that will allow a higher air spread and air delivery.

    With a beautiful and stylish design, this ceiling fan includes two separate cords to control speed and light. In terms of the speed, it allows you to choose between 3 different speed levels which is simply perfect.

    Just like with the Crompton Uranus ceiling fan, you can easily remove the under lights in case you prefer. One of the best things about this ceiling fan is that it only consumes 70 watts, which is very little for such a great ceiling fan that is able to keep your room fresh for many hours.


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