Best Ceiling Fans for High Ceiling Rooms Models With Price 2018

Many people in India have one problem – they usually have one room with a high ceiling. And now you’re wondering why this might be a problem. The thing is that when you want to have an optimal temperature during the entire year, it will be more difficult to get it. It will take more time and the costs will also increase. Luckily, there are options that can allow you to save a lot of money on your energy bills. One of that options is to get one of the best ceiling fans for high ceiling rooms.

This kind of fans are designed to allow the room to reach a great temperature during the very hot summer months in India. So, here are the 2 best options you have on the market today:

  1. Havells Festiva Ceiling Fan (Ocean Blue)


    The Havells Festiva is simply a gorgeous ceiling fan. The design is very attractive and it includes some eye-catching finishes. Why is this important? Besides wanting your room to be fresh, you also want to keep it beautiful. And a ceiling fan is just like any other furniture you have in the room. They need to blend or your room will lose all its appeal. This is why this vibrant blue with silver decorating trims will fit almost every room.

    But the Havells Festiva isn’t only how it looks; it’s also the power it has and the ability to spread the air in an evenly way. Featuring a unique blade design and a special double ball bearing, you can rest assured that this ceiling fan reduces the frictional damage which allows it to last a lot longer than other traditional ceiling fans.

    One of the best things about the Havells Festiva is the fact that you’ll still be able to save on your energy bills since it works perfectly well even on a low voltage.

  2. Crompton Aura Premium Ceiling Fan (Titanium)


    When you’re looking for one of the best ceiling fans for high ceiling rooms, you just have to consider getting the Crompton Aura Premium.

    Featuring an elegant design that includes a canopy with matching trims and a gold ring, this ceiling fan is a lot more than simply elegant; it’s powerful and allows you to keep your room fresh during the hot months in India. Since it features an ergonomic design, this will help the air to spread faster and evenly across the entire room, making it fresher very quickly. Plus, the 3 blades that are broader in the end also help with the air spread as well as with the air deliverability.

    If you’re trying to add the looks, the power, and the saving on energy bills, the Crompton Aura Premium is probably one of the best options you have right now.

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