Best Ceiling Fans for Family Rooms Models With Price 2018

When you’re looking for the best ceiling fans for family rooms, you want to make sure that they aren’t only beautiful and match the room’s decoration as well as you want them to provide you with a comfortable temperature. After all, gathering with the entire family on those hot days in the summer without any cooling system is simply unbearable. And you just want to take the most out of this time. It’s family time; it’s time to enjoy some quality time together.

So, in order to help you out, we are going to tell you about 2 different options that you have. Despite there are many other ceiling fans available on the market, we believe these are the best.

  1. Usha Fontana Maple Ceiling Fan (Antique Brass)


    The Usha Fontana Maple Ceiling Fan is a 5-blade ceiling fan that will deliver the airflow that you need to be able to enjoy the time with your family.

    One of the best things about this ceiling fan is not only the fact that it has 5 blades when most other fans only have 3. It’s the fact that they are wide tip blades which allow the air spread and air delivery to be better and more efficient.

    When you’re looking to spend some time with your family, you want a ceiling fan that is easy to use. So, the Usha Fontana Maple Ceiling Fan includes a pull cord control which allows you to regulate the speed. It has 3 different speeds available which is simply perfect. You can set it on the highest speed before you even go there and when you arrive, the temperature will already be great. So, you can lessen the speed and the fan will maintain the temperature.

    The Usha Fontana Maple Ceiling Fan also includes lights. The controls for both the lights and speed of the ceiling fan are separate to make sure that you can use it the way you want.

  2. Orient Electric Subaris Ceiling Fan (Antique Brass)


    The Orient Electric Subaris is another great option when you’re looking for one of the best ceiling fans for family rooms.

    This ceiling fan is very beautiful since it features hand molded shanks. And since it is developed in India, you can be sure that it fits perfectly to India summers.

    But this ceiling fan is also powerful. Featuring one of the strongest motors in its category, you’ll be able to use it during summers but also during winters. So, when you’re trying to save same money, this might as well be the best option for you.

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