Best Ceiling Fans for Bedrooms Models With Price 2018

During hot summers in India, many people have a lot of problems not only to be able to fall asleep but also to remain asleep during the night as well. Bedrooms can become so hot that you just need something that allows you to maintain your bedroom fresh during the night so that you can finally have a good night sleep. However, one of the problems, when you’re looking for the best ceiling fans for bedrooms, is that they may be too noisy or they may simply consume a lot which will reflect in your energy bill at the end of the month.

Since we know how many people are affected by this problem, we did some digging and we’re about to show you the two best ceiling fans for bedrooms:

  1. Havells Leganza 3B Ceiling Fan (Bronze Gold)


    The Havells Leganza 3B is a great option since it allows you to cool your bedroom up to 2.4ÂșC. This is absolutely amazing because despite you actually don’t need the temperature to be that low, it just reassures you that it is perfectly capable of keeping your bedroom fresh for an entire night. Besides, the Havells Leganza 3B also includes two different speeds to choose from.

    With a consumption of only 74 watts, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to keep your bedroom fresh every single night and you won’t notice too much of a difference in your energy bill.

    But this ceiling fan isn’t only great providing you a great temperature for your bedroom as it design is also pretty good. You can see some bronze detailing on the blade trims and on the ring that just gives it a very elegant look.

  2. Havells Vogue Ceiling Fan (Pearl Brown)


    Featuring 4 different speeds and an amazing air flow, the Havells Vogue is one of the best ceiling fans for bedrooms on the market. This ceiling fan includes 3 aluminum blades that will make sure that you are able to have your bedroom fresh during the entire summer. Despite this, you won’t notice any noise.

    One of the best things about this ceiling fan is the fact that it will integrate perfectly your room decoration. Since it features a stylish yet classic design, and since it comes in pearl brown which is a neutral color, you can be sure that it will look amazing.

    The Havells Vogue also has the advantage of providing you with the ability to save money. It only consumes 75 watts and it also includes a 2-year warranty.

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