Best Ceiling Fans Under 2000 Models With Price 2018

When you’re looking for a good ceiling fan that allows you not only to bear with the heat but actually be comfortable with it during the summer, you don’t need to spend a fortune. In fact, it’s not because one ceiling fan is more expensive that it always better than another one more affordable. In fact, there are many great ceiling fans that you can choose even if you have a low budget. So, if you’re looking for the best ceiling fans under 2000, here are the best choices you have:

  1. Usha New Trump Ceiling Fan (Ivory)


    The Usha New Trump is one of the best ceiling fans under 2000. Featuring 48 inches blades, their unique angle allows an amazing air delivery and thrust. Besides, it also works very well at low voltage. And this is great since you already have a low budget. So, making sure that your energy bills will remain low as well, it’s one great advantage.

    Despite the fact that the power of the ceiling fan is the most important aspect, you only want to get a good-looking fan. And the Usha New Trump is. It includes electroplated decorative flanges and they added a glossy powder coated paint. This will give your new ceiling fan a distinct and elegant look besides allowing it to be more durable. You can get the Usha New Trump either in white or brown and you’ll benefit from a 1-year warranty.

  2. Crompton HS Plus Ceiling Fan (Brown)


    The Crompton HS Plus is another great option when you have a budget of 2000. Featuring a double ball bearing that will make sure that this ceiling fan is durable, the Crompton HS Plus is also very silent. And this isn’t something you can say about some higher priced ceiling fans.

    One of the best things about the Crompton HS Plus is that it is a BEE 5 star labeled meaning that you can rest assured that your energy bill won’t skyrocket. Although, the air delivery and air spread won’t be affected because you’ll be able to cool down a hot room in India pretty quickly.

    Just like the Usha New Trump ceiling fan, the Crompton HS Plus also features a great design to add to a powerful, silent and durable motor. So, you can be sure that it will fit any room where you’re planning on using it.

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