Almonard Ceiling Fans Price List in India 2018

Almonard Ceiling Fans are considered to be the best fans owing to the various qualities they boast of. The price of the ceiling fans from this brand depends on their size, color, and specifications. Read on to know about the Almonard Ceiling Fan price, specifications, and the reasons they are best ceiling fans you will find.

Almonard Ceiling Fans models with price

Almonard High-speed Ceiling Fans

There is a huge range of decorative ceiling fans from Almonard. The Almonard Ceiling Fans price under this category varies as per the design and color. Apart from the styles, the fans from Almonard are also preferred due to their compact design, high-quality, durability, high-speed, and smooth functioning. Let’s have a look at some of the decorative and high-speed Almonard ceiling fan price and specifications.

Almonard Red Ceiling Fan

It is a light-weight fan with a dynamic design that can enhance the décor of your home or office. The cost of this red colored ceiling fan from Almonard is 2000* INR. The high-quality material used in the manufacturing of this ceiling fan from Almonard makes it the most preferred one.

Almonard Electrical Ceiling Fans

The price of an electric ceiling fan is 18,000* INR. It is higher as compared to the other models owing to amazing features and qualities it boasts of. Some of these qualities include:

  • High-speed and reliable performance
  • Distinct design with metallic finish
  • Powerful motor
  • Long lasting
  • Protection from being overheated.

Almonard Silver Ceiling Fans

The silver colored decorative ceiling fans from Almonard are highly energy and cost-efficient due to the fact they consume lesser amount of power. The jerk free oscillation and aerodynamic design are the other qualities that set them apart from the other ceiling fans manufactured by other brands. The silver ceiling fan from Almonard costs 12,000* INR.

Almonard Decorative Ceiling Fans

This extremely energy efficient and durable decorative ceiling fan is the perfect one to be used in any room of your home or office. With the smooth functioning and high-speed, this ceiling fan from Almonard is one of the most popular ones of the brand. You can get this fan from Almonard without burning a hole in your pocket for just 2,051* INR. The longer service life and its compact design further enhance the popularity of this fan.

To sum it up, Almonard is, undoubtedly, one of the most trusted brands when it comes to high-quality, long-lasting, and most efficient ceiling fans. Furthermore, their unique design and style make the most popular with the domestic consumers. The prices of Almonard fans may be a little higher as compared to the other brands but the amazing qualities they boast of make them worth the money you are spending on them.

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